Their First Home!

I recently helped a young family purchase their first home after a rather lengthy search that lasted close to 10 months.  It has a superior location backing onto a park, a very unique layout with a large music studio space and the massive yard with a double car garage made it ‘THE ONE’.    After viewing dozens of homes, a few offers and 3 inspections they were able to secure a home in a multiple offer and are about to embark on the renovations before they make their big move.

The photo below is their 2 kids looking at a cool little crawl space in their daughter’s new room.  She loves to read and they plan on installing a ladder and a reading light in this relatively large floating box located above the main entrance closet at the front door which is on a lower level (it’s a back split).  These little moments make my business an absolute joy at every turn.

Here is some feedback they were ok to share in this blog space…
” Jacen, I’d like to add that I personally am really grateful for all you’ve done for us.  We’re so appreciative of your knowledge and dedication.  You willingly joined us on wild goose chases at the expense of your own time and guided us through the decisions we needed to make with insight and compassion.  This process has been quite the learning experience for me and I feel very lucky that we had an agent as dedicated as you who we trusted to be available for everything we needed, but who also gave us the space to find our own way.
I almost lost hope for a couple of months there but if there’s a “right home” I think we found it.  Despite the stress involved with the offer, we felt good about our decisions at every step, and never would have been prepared to do what we did had it not been for the previous 10 months.

Mat and I were just talking about how nice it was to have gotten to know you over this past year.  We will definitely have to have you over when the literal dust has settled (and we have some appliances…).

We spent a few hours at the home this evening now that it’s officially ours.  I can remember eating McDonald’s on the vinyl floor of my parents’ home when we moved in when I was 3, so we did the same thing at Pinewood with the kids tonight.  We even had the vinyl tile.  My family came over to see the place, and though the whole thing is surreal and we’re a bit overwhelming, it’s exciting too!”

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