Is Your Entryway Winter Ready?


Winter boots, coats, hats and mittens can create chaos when you first walk through the door, but with the right design plan, this area can be clutter-free. Not only will the space look tidy, you will save time and reduce stress when everything is dry and at your fingertips.

Less water inside starts outside: Leave a rough mat outside to brush off snow and another mat inside where boots can dry.

Air circulation: While it’s tempting to create storage with doors to hide bulky coats, you need air flow to dry garments and boots. Hooks are much more effective than cramming coats into a closet.

Well-designed and sturdy hardware: Heavy coats that stay up the first time require a good hook. Since hooks are relatively inexpensive, don’t worry about saving a few dollars.

A place for everything: No matter the size of your space, everything should fit neatly. If you have children in your family, assign each person a space. Extra winter gear can be passed along or donated.

Protect your floors: It’s inevitable that even the best mat will leak or overflow. If you are putting in new flooring, you might want to consider waterproof materials such as tiles. Another option is to use a large rug that covers most of the space and fits nicely under the mat.

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